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Filled Bag Closing Machine

Filled Bag Closing Machine


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KH-N9UC Filled Bag Closing Machine

Stitch Range

7 to 11.5mm


Up to 2700rpm

Sewing Capacity

8 mm

Standard Needle

DR-H30 26#

Lubrication System

Fully-enclosed oil bath

Bag Type

Crepe Tape

filled bag closing machine.pngfilled bag closing machine can closing similar this kind of bags(flour bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, rice bag, sugar bags, paper bags, salt bags,etc)

Comparing with KH-N9C bag closing sewing machine, KH-N9UC filled bag closing machine with upper feed, can reach materials tidy, same stitch length, stable.


KH-N9UC filled bag closing machine is same with world famous model DS-9C but with upper feed mechanism. Some bag cloisng system requires bag top folding to left side, different from the standard folding direction which to the right side of the bag. This will make the bag top 4 layers under the presser foot. If use DS-9C with plain feed, the presser foot could not feed the folded bag top smoothly, this will cause not same stitch length, or ugly stitch performance or even bag stuck at the needle. To solve this problem, Keestar improve UPPER FEED DOG to our KH-N9C(DS-9C). With upper feed dog, the machine feeds right folded bag between upper and lower feed dog, feeding much stronger so that the above problem will not happen.

Safety Precautions of Filled Bag Closing Machine


Always turn power off before threading, oiling, and adjusting the filled sack closing machine or replacing parts.

Wear safety glasses.

Make sure, before starting the filled bag closing machine, that all covers and shields are in place and closed.

Do not touch on the filled sack closing machine when it is run.

Turn power off and make sure the cutter does not operate before you put your fingers under the cutter blades and the needles to adjust.

Do not touch on the filled bag closing machine when it is run.

Identifying and Ordering Parts

Where the construction permits, each part is stamped with filled sack closing machine's part number. On all orders, please include part number, part name and model name of machine.

Safety Rules

To prevent personal injury:

a. All power sources to the sack closing machine must be turned off before threading, oiling, adjusting or replacing parts.

b. All cover and guards must be in position before operating bag closing machine.

c. Do not tamper with safety cover, guards, etc, while filled bag machine is in operation.

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      KH-N9UC upper feed filled bag closing 8 mm; bag top 4 layers KH-N9UC filled bag closing; upper feed dog KH-N9UC bag top 4 layers; upper and lower feed dog KH-N9UC 2700rpm; 8mm 4 layers KH-N9UC filled bag closing; 26# KH-N9UC filled bag closing 2700rpm; 26# needle bag top 4 layers KH-N9UC filled bag closing; DR-H30 26# filled bag closing KH-N9UC 8mm; upper feed dog DR-H30 KH-N9UC filled bag closing;

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