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Auto Bag Closing Machine

Auto Bag Closing Machine


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GK-LB+KH-U800CG+BF100Z Auto Bag Closing Machine


High performance auto bag closing machine head with automatic photoelectric controlled start and stop. Auto bag closing machine for closing filled bags and sacks made of jute,cotton, paper, plastic or woven polypropylene tapes as well as bituminized or foll laminated materials.


The bag closing system with high safety standard designed. Auto bag closing machine could be movable and sewing height adjustable, suitable for different size of bags and applications.


The system can be used with KEESTAR conveyor or existing conveyor to built-up an automatic bag closing system.




300-500 bags/hour

Sewing Head Height

720-1220 mm from floor to needle

Drive motor

0.37/0.75 kw,4P,3PH Break motor

Controlling System




Sewing Head



1800 rpm

Cutting System

Pneumatic guillotine cutting system


Polyester 20/6, 20/9 (2*3,3*3)

Feed-in Device


Gross Weight

With sewing machine head


Net Weight





Fit with KH-U800CG bag closing machine head, crepe tape closing are available.

KH-U800CG auto bag closing machine is economic automatic crepe tape bag closing machine head equipped with pneumatic guillotine crepe tape cutter. Mounted with Keestar GK-LB pedestal and GK-SB conveyor could matched a automatic bag closing system.

bag folding machine.pngBF100Z bag folding machine

auto bag closing machine.png

Pedestal: GK-LB

Sewing head: KH-U800CG

Infeeder: BF100Z bag folding machine

Closure: Bag open top folding+Crepe tape closure

Start/Stop: Automatic

Cutter: Pneumatic guillotin thread/Tape cutting system

Oiling Diagram:

auto bag closing machine.png

Lubrication and Operation

Auto bag closing machine KH-U800CG have to be cleaned and lubricated twice a day before the morning and afternoon start on the lubricating points indicated on the oilling diagram. The sight feed oiler has to be kept filled and should be adjusted so that it feeds two to three drops of oil per minute. The oiler has to be refilled latest, when 2/3 of the oil is used up.

For lubrication we recommend"10# auto bag closing machine white oil" or equivalent.

Before operating a new auto bag closing machine for the first time, the needle bar guard and the sight feed oiler, which come with the accessories of the auto bag closing machine, have to be screwed in. The sight feed oiler has to be adjusted. All lubricating points, indicated on the oiling diagram, have to be oiled.

For adjusting fill the sight feed oiler half-way with oil and turn the metering pin a little bit out and then turn it in, until there will flow approx, two drops of oil per minute. This can be checked on the sight glass. Secure the setting of the metering pin with lock nut. Fill the oiler.

Repeat the oilling of a new auto bag closing machine after 10 minutes of operation!

When the auto bag closing machine is out of operation, the oil flow can be stopped by tilting the lever on the lever on the sight feed oiler.

Imortant! The oil flow has to be switched on again before operating the auto bag closing machine.

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