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Woven Bag Sealer

Woven Bag Sealer

MODEL: MS-BZR series

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MS-BZR series Woven Bag Sealer

ModelMS-BZR series



Seal Height

800-1700 mm

Sewing Head


Bag Type



Seal and stitch




The teflon band is easily cooled. Heat seal bag inner and smooth seal surfaces. Trimming, stitching, heat seal tape sealing can be done all at one line and automatic process.


MS-BZR series woven bag sealer system for different complex bag sealing, woven bag sealer machine could complete heat sealing, seaming sealing, crepe tape sealing, heat-seal tape sealing and inner film bag heat sealing.

woven bag sealer.png 

With KEESTAR bag closing machines, Keestar MS-BZR series can run at high speed of 7-10m/min. Equipped with different auxiliary units, woven bag sealer system could make top trimming,folding, dust cleaning,stamping in one line.


MS-BZR series woven bag sealer could work with KEESTAR automatic packing line system to make high speed and automatic complex and perfect packing solution. Woven bag sealer could also fit with different conveyors as semi-automatic high speed operation so that to made idea packing with lower cost.

MS-BZR36 Multiple Bag Sealing Woven Bag Sealer's Complete Flow Chart:


Step1: (option) Dust Cleaner;

Step2: Trimmer;

Step3: Heat Bar;

Step4: PE Tape;

Step5: Press Roll;

Step6: Sewing Head;

Step7: HeatSeal Tape;

Step8: Heat Bar;

Step9: Press Roll;

Composite Seaming Sealing (woven bag, inner PE Film bag, chemical bag,etc) Middle Details Drawing:


Other One-MS-BZR24 Multiple Bag Sealing Woven Bag Sealer's Complete Flow Chart:

Step1: Dust Cleaner(Option);

Step2: Heat Bar;

Step3: PE Tape;

Step4: Press Roll;

Step5: Trimmer;

Step6: Crepe Tape;

Step7: Sewing Head;

Multiple Sewing Sealing ( woven sack, inner PE Film sack, chemical sack, etc)Middle Details Drawing:


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