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Bulk Bag Cleaning Machine

Bulk Bag Cleaning Machine

MODEL: QL-5000

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QL-5000 Bulk Bag Cleaning Machine


Power Supply

380V 3P 50Hz


Ground Wire

Connection Power

4 Kw

Fan Delivery

4,000 - 7,000 M3 / h

Fan Speed

1,450 rpm

Electrostatic Eliminating Voltage

5,000 - 8,000 V

Main Pressure

7 Bar

Working Pressure

5 - 6 Bar


≤60 Pb

Dimension  (L×W×H)

2,000×1,000×1,200 mm


QL-5000 bulk bag cleaning machine static electricity is caused during fabric cutting and FIBC bag sewing process, and bulk sack cleaning machine will adsorb some impurity like ends of thread, hair, fabric, even insects to the inner of FIBC bag. QL-5000 bulk bag cleaning machine is the specially designed machine to do FIBC inner clearing work instead of human labor.

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