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Big Bag Stitching Machine

Big Bag Stitching Machine

MODEL: 80800CH

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80800CH Big Bag Stitching Machine


1800 rpm

Stitch Length

6.5-15 mm

Sewing Capacity

Up to 12 mm



Lubrication System


80800CH big bag stitching machine for seaming woven bags, attaching filling and discharching tubes on container bags. With a two thread double locked stitch, built-in mechanically driven thread chain cutter and plain feed. Crossing heavy seams is not possible.


High performance big bag stitching machine for seaming woven bags, attaching filling and discharching tubes on container bags.


Equipped with enlarge pulley and oil pan.


Suitable for installation on sewing table or pedestal.


Safety Rules of Big Bag Stitching Machine


1. Maintenance, repair and conversion work must be done only by trained technicians or special skilled personnel under consideration of instructions.

  Only genuine spare parts approved by Keestar have to be used for repairs.

2. Any work on the electrical equipment must be done by an electrician or under direction and supervision of special skilled personnel.

3. Work on parts and equipment under electrical power is not permitted.

big bag stitching machine-big feed dog.png80800CH big bag stitching machine's small teeth feed dog and bigger teeth feed dog

big bag stitching machine-big pulley.pngbig bag stitching machine's big pulley

big bag stitching machine-feed dog.pngbig bag stitching machine's enlarge feed dog

big bag stitching machine-presser foot.pngbig bag stitching machine's presser foot

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