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Bulk Bag Sewing Machine

Bulk Bag Sewing Machine


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CL-F123 Bulk Bag Sewing Machine


Stitch Range



Up to 1600rpm

Presser Foot Lift

By hand 12mm

By Knee 18mm


DD x 1 27#

Rotating hook


Lubrication System



Walking Foot

Working Space

420 x 190mm

CL-F123 bulk bag sewing machine is the particular free-form stitching especially suitable for attached sling to the bag body. With the heavy duty designing, supper capacity bobbin and large working space they are the ideal bulk bag sewing machine for bulk bag’s manufacturing.


Bulk bag sewing machine is flat bed, single needle, lockstitch, horizontal hook.


Safety Rules of Bulk Bag Sewing Machine


1. All safety devices must be in position when the bulk bag sewing machine is ready for work or in operation. Operation of the bulk bag sewing machine without the appertaining safety devices is prohibited.

2. Wear safety glasses.

3. In case of bulk bag sewing machine conversions and changes all valid safety rules must be considered. Conversions and changes are made at your own risk.

bulk bag sewing machine-side.pngside information of CL-F123 bulk bag sewing machine

bulk bag sewing machine-part of parts.pngabout part of parts of bulk bag sewing machine

bulk bag sewing machine-parts.pngprovide parts support of bulk bag sewing machine

bulk bag sewing machine-testing sewing.pngCL-F123 bulk bag sewing machine-testing sewing materials. could replace Keestar famous Model CL-F120 sewing machine for big bags, with a enclosed casting housing, a lubrication oil pump and oil pan. Speed up to 1600rpm, but considering operator's operating, we suggest 1400rpm of running. Same ideal stitch of FIBC(jumbo bag, bulk bag, container bag)'s requirement of body and loops attaching.

bulk bag sewing machine-FIBC's loop attaching.pngbulk bag sewing machine-FIBC(jumbo bag, bulk bag, container bag)'s requirement of body and loops attaching

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