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Container Bag Sewing Machine

Container Bag Sewing Machine


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80800CDH Container Bag Sewing Machine

Speed1800 rpm
Stitch Length6.5-15 mm
Filler Cord AttachingWithout
Number of needle2


80800CDH container bag sewing machine is double needle, four thread chain stitch bag closer sewing machine with heavy duty sewing capacity. container sack sewing machine is with big pulley,big teeth feed dog, big stitch length, plain feed. Container bag sewing machine is an idea model for low cost FIBC bag edge, top and bottom sewing for fabric not thicker than 10 layers.

Foot switch controlled starting and stopping of the container bag sewing machine head. For cutting, the thread chain has to be guided to the thread chain cutter of the container bag sewing machine.

The bag being fed into the container bag sewing machine starts the sewing operation by a feeler controlled, contactless, electronic proximity switch. When the bag is closed, the container bag sewing machine stops automatically. Thread chain, respectively thread chain with binding tape, are cut automatically.

Equipped with guides for application of filler cord sealing the needle punctures.

Container sack seaming machine electro-pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter, pneumatic presser foot spring.


Container bag sewing machine electro-pneumatically operated hot thread chain cutter.


Front side cutter


Safety Rules of Container Bag Sewing Machine


1. Any work on the electrical equipment must be done by an electrician or under direction and supervision of special skilled personnel.

2. Work on parts and equipment under electrical power is not permitted. Permissible exceptions are described in the applicable section of standard sheet EN50 110/VDE 0105.

3. Before doing maintenance and repair work on the pneumatic equipment. Container bag sewing machine has to be disconnected from the compressed air supply. In case of existing residual air pressure after disconnecting from compressed air supply(e.g. pneumatic equipment with air tank), the pressure has to be removed by bleeding. Exceptions are only allowed for adjusting work and function checks done by special skilled personnel.

container bag sewing machine-parts.png80800CDH container bag sewing machine's internal parts specific place

container bag sewing machine-thread.pngcontainer bag sewing machine's threading 

container bag sewing machine-bottom threading.pngcontainer bag sewing machine's bottom threading

container bag sewing machine-stitch.pngcontainer bag sewing machine's needle, feed dog and sewing material stitch

container bag sewing machine-hand wheel.pngcontainer bag sewing machine's hand wheels

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