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Industrial Sack Sewing Machine

Industrial Sack Sewing Machine

MODEL: 81300A

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81300A Industrial Sack Sewing Machine


Stitching Type

401.502 SSa-2

Needle Distance

5.0mm(13 ga)

Overedge width

10 mm(3/8”)

Total seam width

15 mm(19/32”)

Sewing Capacity

Up to 19 mm

Standard Needle


Stitch Range

6 to 13 mm(Standard setting 10mm)


Up to 1400 rpm

Drive Motor

Servo motor 750W

Air Pressure

4 kg/cm^3

Air Consumption


Lubrication System

Manual oiling with sight feed oiler

Gross Weight

With motor and pedestal

133 kg

Net Weight

126 kg




81300A industrial sack sewing machine without built-in electro-pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter, pneumatic presser foot spring. Industrial sack sewing machine design and pedestal installation makes it especially suitable for side seams on very heavy weight container bags.


Safety Rules of Industrial Sack Sewing Machine


1. All safety devices must be in position when the industrial sack sewing machine is ready for work or in operation. Operation of the industrial bag sewing machine without the appertaining safety devices is prohibited.

2. Wear safety glasses

3. In case of industrial bag sewing machine conversions and changes all valid safety rules must be considered. Conversions and changes are made at your own risk.

Any work on the electrician or under direction and supervison of special skilled personnel.

industrial sack sewing machine-whole set.pngstocked 81300A industrial sack sewing machine, including machine, table stand, sewing line and wire rack

industrial sack sewing machine.pngwhole industrial sack sewing machine

industrial sack sewing machine-presser foot.pngthe red arrow pointing, need to attention ( the needle should be in the central of presser foot)

industrial sack sewing machine-looper braket.pngthe finger pointing, is looper braket, need to attention (make the looper hit a little of needle)

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