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Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine

Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine


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GN20-2 Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine


Overedge width

15 mm


Up to 1400 rpm

Sewing Capacity

14 mm

Lubrication System

Manual Oiling With Sight Feed Oiler


33 kg


GN20-2 is series of overdedging jumbo bag stitching machine, include double thread and three thread style, apply for container bags(FIBCs),bulk bags,baffle sacks, carpet, nets and jute.


GN20-1 Single thread joining overedging sewing machine

GN20-2 Double thread carpet overedging sewing machine

GN20-2A Three carpet overedging sewing machine

GN20-3 Double thread jumbo sacks overedging stitching machine

GN20-3J Double thread jute bags overedging sewing machine

GN20-4N Three thread overedging sewing machine for attaching ropes to net borders with twin puller feeder

GN20-4NP Same with GN20-4N but with puller


Lubrication And Operation of Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine


The jumbo bag stitching machine of GN20 series have to be cleaned and lubricated twice a day before the morning and afternoon start on the lubricating points indicated on the oiling diagram. The sight feed oiler has to be kept filled and should be adjusted so that it feeds two to three drops of oil per minute. The oiler has to be refilled latest, when 2/3 of the oil is used up.

For lubrication we recommend “10# jumbo bag stitching machine while oil” or equivalent.


Before operating a new jumbo sack stitching machine for the first time, the needle bar guard and the sight feed oiler, which come with the accessories of the jumbo bag stitching machine, have to be screwed in. The sight feed oiler has to be adjusted. All lubricating points, indicated on the oiling diagram, have to be oiled.


For adjusting fill the sight feed oiler half-way with oil and turn the metering pin a little bit out and then turn it in, until there will flow approx, two drops of oil per minute. This can be checked on the sight glass. Secure the setting of the metering pin with lock nut, fill the oiler.


Repeat the oiling of a new jumbo bag stitching machine after 10 minutes of operation!


When the jumbo bag stitching machine is out of operation, the oil flow can be stopped by tilting the lever on the sight feed oiler.

The oil flow has to be swiched on again before operating the jumbo bag stitching machine.

Display Details of GN20 Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine:

jumbo bag stitching machine-overedge stitch.png

more about jumbo bag stitching machine's overedge stitch and part of parts

jumbo bag stitching Machine-parts.png

more about jumbo bag stitching machine's internal mechanical structure one

jumbo bag stitching machine-parts .png

jumbo bag stitching machine's internal mechanical structure two

jumbo bag stitching machine-side.pngin this photo, parts of GN20 jumbo bag stitching machine, including hook, needle, feed dog, etc. Better help the position of parts of the jumbo bag stitching machine

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GN20-3 jumbo bag stitching machine

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GN20-3J jumbo bag stitching machine

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