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CEO Says: Experience, Innovation and Efficiency


We are a new thinking company in traditional machinery industry. We do all jobs that traditional mechanical companies do and we could provide something traditional companies can not, that: Experience, Innovation and Efficiency.


In my eyes, China made products is something like, low price, rough finishing, weak packaging, low quality and after carefully calculate, you will find the price rate in low side. We hope to provide good products to customer all over the world: nice finishing, rational design, safe and reliable, reasonable price and the most important, good quality. We are that catfish company stir the market with our ideals and behaviors, our name is KEESTAR. KEESTAR is not a conventional manufacture, we integrate the greatest productive resources worldwide. We design and manufacture the products with the same world class standards and sell to the market with  KEESTAR products line. KEESTAR improves the customer experience and also change Made in China, that is, because of KEESTAR standard, our competitors have to improve their quality level, all Made-in-China experience is improved.


Now, many of our products are running in world famous manufacturer’s plants, KEESTAR to be their important partner. To be accepted, KEESTAR also have other idiosyncrasy: innovation and efficiency. KEESTAR provides efficiency products with innovation thinking and way, maximize return on investment of customers: purchasing a suitable facility, producing maximum products, and minimum the wastage of spare parts. The meaning of existence for KEESTAR is to manufacture good products. Thank for the partners and customers all over the world with recognition and support, you make KEESTAR’s development and achievement.