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Luggage Sewing Machine

Luggage Sewing Machine

MODEL: 1-341

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1-341 Luggage Sewing Machine


Max. Sewing Speed

2000 rpm

Max Stitch Length

6 mm

Needle Bar Stroke


Presser foot Lift

6.5 mm by knee


15mm by knee

Thread take-up Lever

Slide Type


Large Hook


Oiled by hand

Motor Power

400W(special for sewing machine 2P)

Luggage sewing machine adopts single needle, slide type thread take-up lever, and vertical large hook. Upper and Lower shafts are driven by synchronized toothed belt. Compound feed by feed dog, needle and walking foot; and high presser foot stroke and lifter assure its high sewing heavy ability and easy for sewing multilayer leather and uneven materials. Safety clutch device also assures safe operation.


Luggage sewing machine widely for sewing leather products, suitcases,shoes and caps. Especially,automatic filter sack sewing machine’s cylinder bed is suitable for sewing various are and curved materials.


Operation Preparation Of Luggage Sewing Machine


Before fist operate the Luggage sewing machine, please clean the Luggage sewing machine thoroughly in order to weed out the dust and fully lubricate the machine.


Please confirm if the power will be used is suitable for the designed voltage.


The rotating direction of the luggage sewing machine is counter-clock wise when observed face to the hand wheel.


Before turn over the machine head, please take down the knee lifter chain hook.


Before trial running, please take down the bobbin and needle.


Please control the sewing speed under 1800 rpm with the first operation month.


Only after the machine stops, then the head wheel can be operated.

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