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Awning Sewing Machine

Awning Sewing Machine

MODEL: 221-762

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221-762 Awning Sewing Machine


Stitch Range

0 to 10 mm


Up to 1200 rpm

Presser Foot Lift

20 mm

Standard Needle

DB 1 170#-220#

Needle Gauge

6mm-60mm, standard 12.7 mm

Rotating hook


Lubrication System


Working Space

762 160 mm

Awning sewing machine's sewing mechanism and triple feeding system ensure the reliable stitching on heaviest material. Awning sewing machine is two needle, flat bed sewing machine. Two over sized vertical hook is apply with this awning sewing machine, thick threads stitching will not have any problems.Pneumatic presser foot lifter and back tack are available. Different width of needle gauge could be change in this machine and when removing one needle, the awning sewing machine can be operated as a single needle machine. Awning sewing machine is specialist for processing of leather products, upholstery tent, and technical textiles with working space of 460*160mm and 762*160mm.

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