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Auto Sealing Multilayer Paper Bag Machine

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Auto Sealing Multilayer Paper Bag Machine


MS-KS series craft bag sealer and MS-BZR series woven bag sealer's the main function is to make the bag neat, continuous, automatic and efficient sealing, and there are a variety of sealing methods. To ensure that the bag mouth seal is not only strong and durable, but also beautiful and beautiful. Widely used in chemical, food and other industries.

MS-KS craft bag sealer.jpg    MS-BZR woven bag sealer.jpg

Principle of operation

The bag filled with the material is sent to the sealing machine's conveyor chain entrance with the conveyor (bag-shaped finishing can be done manually or by the capping machine), then the bag's bag mouth is clamped by the conveyor chain and run synchronously with the conveyor. After entering the machine, the bag is trimmed by the trimmer located on the upper part of the fuselage, and then the sealing action is performed according to the selected machine type:

When the kraft paper bag is selected, the filled bag is firstly stitched through the sack closing sewing machine to sew, and then the upper end of the bag is sewed and the upper end of the bag is sewn. Finally, the bag mouth and the pinhole are sealed by heat sealing with a hot melt paper. This method is suitable for packaging powdered materials to prevent leakage of materials and good sealing performance.

When the kraft paper + inner film bag(PE) is selected, the inner film is first heat-sealed, the bag mouth is wrapped with a wrinkle paper towel, and using bag closer sewing machine to sew. In this way, the wrinkle paper towel has the effect of increasing the strength, high durability, and not easy to wear or break.

When the kraft paper + inner coating film(PE) is folded with a bag, the PE liner is first heat-sealed, then folded along the sealing line, and finally sealed with hot melt paper.

After the seal is completed, it is exported from the clamping chain.

MS-KS series craft sack sealer and MS-BZR series woven bag sealer with a special clamping conveyor chain to ensure the smooth completion of the bag. The entire sealing process will be completed automatically without human intervention.

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