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Bagging Systems Bag Closing Machines Bag Sealing Machines

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Bagging Systems Bag Closing Machines Bag Sealing Machines

Bag closing machine is specially designed equipment for filled bags open top seaming closure.

Keestar offers advanced bag closing technology for global clients of professional and reliable bag closing equipment. We offer from portable bag closer to automatic bagging system and apply plain closing, crepe tape closing, compound closing, etc to meet different process requirements.

For bag closing system, depending on requirements, customerized configuration is available from Keestar:

Basic Equipment

Automatic Bag Closing Machine

KH-N9C bag closing sewing machine/ KH-N9CW PP bag closing machine    

KH-U800CG bag closer sewing machine / KH-U800CDG bag closer sewing machine




Semi-Auto Bag Closing Machine

KH-N9A bag closing machinery / KH-N9AW sack closing machinery

KH-U800C jute bag closing machine



Pedestal and Controlling System

A1/2-PB     Auto,Photoswitch

K1/2-B      Auto,Photoswitch

GK-LB       Auto,Photoswitch

A1/2-P      Semi-Auto,Pedal

K1/2-P      Semi-Auto,Pedal

GK-LP       Semi-Auto,Pedal

Related Equipment


Bag Infeeder(for auto system)

Crepe Tape Kit

Bag Kicker

Derivative Equipment

MS-KS Series, Craft sealer

HS Series, Heat sealer

Automatic Bagging Machine

3CM Series