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Big Packing Scale

- May 09, 2018 -

Big Packing Scale

This semi-automatic weighing and filling package scale with weighing, filling, sealing and conveying function which is suitable for a variety of granules and powder such as, animal food, sugar, coffee, gourmet powder, glucose, solid drinks, plastic pellet, pesticide, additive, etc.


Except driving part machine is made of stainless steel that in according  to the national standard GMP certificational food hygiene certification with feature of anti-corrosion, which semi-automatic weighing and filling scale can also be used in food and chemicals product;

Unique design diversified structure for feeding, besides every feeder mouth equipped with shutter device to ensure accuracy of measurement;

According to customers' space, output and material property we provide the flexible options: net/gross weight packing type;

According to customers'space, output and material property we provide bag clamp device too;

Touch screen interface is convenient to operate for Man-machine, and packing specifications can be adjusted as you need, working order can be change at any time;

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