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Big Valve Type Packing Scale

- May 30, 2018 -

Big Valve Type Packing Scale

This semi-automatic packing scale can be filling, measuring, sealing and conveying. Due to require of equipment height, package forms and high precision that granules packing machine is suitable for a variety of medicals, food additive, milk poweder,solid drinks, glucose, drugs, pesticide, etc.


Except driving part machine is made of stainless steel that in accordance to the national standard GMP certification and Food hygiene certification with feature of anti-corrosion, which semi-automatic weighing and filling scale can also be used in food , medicine and chemicals product;

Unique design of scale structure, multistage speed feeder and shutter ensure that packaging and weighing is in high precision and high speed;

Adopt to integral structure of crossing feed line and suction device so that ensure the environment clean and save room for machine;

According to package form and material property we provide the valve type clamp bag device and the opening type clamp bag device for customer;

Touch screen interface is convenient to operate for man-machine, packing specifications can be adjusted as you need, working order can be change at any time;