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Bottom Filling Type Package Scale

- May 18, 2018 -

Bottom Filling Type Package Scale

This semi-automatic bottom filling type package scale can finish process of exhaust braking, lifting type filling-measuring, sealing, conveying, etc. Unique design can solve dispesive powder problem, with high precision package feature, especially suitable for pharmaceutical raw materials, additives, cobalt oxide, carbon powder, fire extingguisher powder, etc.


Vertical spiral feeding device combined with reverse mixing device, makes feeding more stable, and equipped with the bottom cone type valve that control feeding precisely of the process;

The whole device is equipped with storage bin easy-cleaning components and spiral type of easy-dismantling structure that material contacts parts is convenient to clean and no blind angle;

Lift type bottom filling -measuring device combined with spiral vacuum filling device that ensure high accuracy of the packaging and no dispersive powder problem;

Touch screen interface is convenient to operate for man-machine, and packing specific can be adjusted as you need, working order can be charge at any time;

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