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- Apr 08, 2018 -

CHINAPLAS April 2018

Time: 24, April 2018 to 27, April 2018

Address: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

Our Booth No.: 7.4W47

IMG_0601_编辑.jpg or

Can Consult all kinds of machines:

Big Bag Sewing Machine;

CL-F123 Bulk Bag Sewing Machine.jpg

Bulk Bag Sewing Machine

bafflesew53 Jumbo Bag Sewing Machine.jpg

Jumbo Bag Sewing Machine 

81300A1HL FIBC Bag Sewing Machine.jpg

FIBC Bag Sewing Machine

loopsew65Big Bag Making Machine .jpg

Big Bag Making Machine

loopsew62Automatic Loop Attaching Machine .jpg

Automatic Loop Attaching Machine

80800CDH Container Bag Sewing Machine.jpg

Container Bag Sewing Machine

Bag Closing Machine;

KH-N9 series Bag Closing Sewing Machine.jpg

Bag Closing Sewing Machine

KH-U800C Jute Bag Closing Machine.jpg

Jute Bag Closing Machine

KH-U800CGBag Closer Sewing Machine .jpg

Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Woven Bag Sewing Machine;

DN-2UHSPP Woven Bag Sewing Machine .jpg

PP Woven Bag Sewing Machine

DN-2LW Woven Polypropylene Bag Stitching Machine.jpg

Woven Polypropylene Bag Stitching Machine

ultrasonic 60D Woven Bag Stitching Machine.jpg

Woven Bag Stitching Machine

Portable Bag Closer;

KP-2701 Portable Sack Closer.jpg

Portable Sack Closer

KP-3000Industrial Hand Held Bag Sewing Machine .jpg

Industrial Hand Held Bag Sewing Machine

KP-N7A Portable Bag Closer Machine.jpg

Portable Bag Closer Machine