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Dual-vibrating scale

- May 02, 2018 -

Dual-vibrating scale

This semi-automatic weighing and filling package scale with weighing and filling function which is suitable for flowable granules such as rice, nuts,tea,essence spice, corns,gourmet powder, sugar, coffee, wash powder, and solid drinks etc.


Machine is made of stainless steel that in accordance to the national standard GMP certification and food hygiene certification with feature of anti-corrosion, which semi-automatic weighing and filling scale can also be used in food, medicine and chemicals product;

Touch screen interface is convenient to operate for man-machine, packing specifications can be adjusted as you need, working order can be change at any time;

High-precise weighing sensor coordinate with dual-vibrating feeder has advantage of accuracy, speed, and stability;

A variety of material parameters can be input control panel for future application, these parameters can be input 10 different kinds;

Sealed PP visible large structure door displays materials clearly at a glance, and filling mouth is equipped with a suction device that protect material dust from surrounding pollution;

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