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Heavy Automatic Packaging Machines

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Heavy Automatic Packaging Machines

Heavy automatic packaging machine is suitable for paper bags, woven bags, plastic bags and other packaging materials, and is widely used in the chemical industry, feed, food and other industries.

Heavy automatic packaging machine can be 20kg-50kg bag packaging, with up to 1200 bags/hour capacity.

Automatic bag device adapt to high-speed continuous operation.

The execution units are equipped with control and safety devices, automatic continuous operation.

Using SEW motor drive unit can play higher performance.

Proposed matching MS-KS series heat sealing machine work to ensure beautiful bag, anti-leakage, airtight.

3CM-P Automatic Bagging Equipment .png

Automatic Packing Machine Process:

Automatic for the bags-2 The (craft,paper,woven,plastic)bag was placed horizontally arranged disc can store about 200 empy bags (storage capacity due to the thickness of the air bag varies), the sucker to take the bag device equipment for bags. When a unit of empty bags after take, set the bag tray next unit automatically switches to take the bag position to ensure that the equipment continuous operation.

Empty bag for automatic extraction-extraction bags over the bag.

Empty bag open-empty bag after moving to the feed opening position, open the bag by the vacuum suction.

Bag-feeding device-empty bag gripped by the clip below spout body bags, cutting open the door into the pouch feed.

Transition portion of the weighing machine and packaging machine transition between hopper-hopper.

After the bag bottom slap device-filling material, this means slap bottom of the bag, so that the bag material fully implemented.

Solid lateral movement and the bag holding the bag inductions-real bags from the spout to put on stand-up pouches conveyor, by the bag holding means transported to the sealing of the bag.

Stand-up pouches conveyor-real bags whereby the conveyor at a constant speed of delivery to the downstream, height-adjustable handle height adjustable conveyor.

Transition conveyor-with different device height of perfect butt.

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