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Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for Sling, Straps

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for Slings Straps Safety Belts Ropes and Cordages

The world first synthetic fibre made flat sling has been applied in American for industrial application in year 1955. It was extensive used for different industrial and civil areas, and it has replaced steel wire rope in many applications for sling.

Keestar offers a range of required sewing machines for manufacturing sling, straps, safety belts, ropes, cordages and military supplies which made of nylon, terylene, polyester, polypropylene and specialty fibre. Keestar provides systematic sling and ropes sewing solutions and relative equipment.

For sling and rope manufacturing, depending on types of the tacking and materials, veriety of different sewing machines are available from Keestar.

Sewing Machine for Flat Sling

2542-10mm Thickness
4732-16mm Thickness
4334-16mm Thickness
2434-16mm Thickness
204-3704-18mm Thickness
4748-25mm Thickness
4348-25mm Thickness
7338-30mm Thickness

Automatic Sewing Unit

PLK-EMax. 8mm Thickness
BCPMax. 8mm Thickness
KCPMax. 10mm Thickness
PLK-2008HMax. 15mm Thickness
HCPMax. 18mm Thickness
KESMax. 28mm Thickness

Ropes Special Sewing Machine

266-RMax.Dia 16mm
PLK-2008HMax.Dia 25mm
HCPMax.Dia 22mm
KESMax.Dia 28mm