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Industrial Sewing Machine for FIBC and Woven Bags

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Industrial Sewing Machine for FIBC and Woven Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC's) are used for shipping products in more and more industries for various kind of filling goods, e.g. Chemicals (pulverous or granulated), grain, flour, animal feed, fertilizers, stones, soil, cement, etc. Container bags are cubic or rectangular with a square bottom, a volume from 500 to 3000 cubic liters, and a filling capacity of up to 3000kg, made from plain woven or circular woven fabric.

For FIBC's manufacturing

Depending on types of the container bags and materials, veriety of different sewing machines are available from Keestar:

Chain stitch machine style 80700

Safety stitch machine style 81300

Overdeging machine style 81500

Chain stitch machine style 80800

Overdeging machine style GN20

Lockstitch machine style CL-F120

Lockstitch machine style 0303CX

Lockstitch machine style 1510

Lockstitch machine style 20618

Computer machine style PLK-E

For woven bags manufacturing

Chain stitch machine style DN-2

Chain stitch machine style DN-5U

Directly Click Below Pictures:

80700CD4HL sewing machine for jumbo bag.jpg   81300A1HL FIBC bag sewing machine.jpg   KH-U800C jute bag closing machine.jpg

GN20 Jumbo Bag Stitching Machine.jpg   

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