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Large Packing Production Line

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Large Packing Production Line

This series equipment of weighing, packing, sealing, testing, conveying and stacking are designed for a variety of granule, powder, etc.


This Production Line using stand-alone designed pattern, according to materials character, bags shape, sealing need, testing requirement and stacking type matches a combined line with standard packing scale, bag supplying machine, sealing machine, testing device, and stacking equipment,etc;

Packing line internal structure equipped with air pressure balancer and dust-precipitator ensure there is no material dust overflow and avoid dust to pollute surroundings;

Adopt to variety of anti-interference technology and precision weighing system which is accurate and reliable, using control algorithms and high-performance processor with feature of precise, accuracy and large output, etc;

The entire line equipped with weight measuring machine, metal detective machine, and product rejecting system to ensure customer manufactured 100% yied;


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