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Making Big Bag(FIBC) Different Machines

- May 25, 2018 -

Making Big Bag(FIBC) Different Machines

CL-F sereis big bag sewing machine is lockstitch machine which are seaming the belt onto bag body you can check the LoopSew 65 big bag making machine that we developing the new automatic sewing unit model LoopSew 65 FIBC bag making machine for seaming the belt onto body but automatic this customer want BaffleSew big bag sewing machine, from the name, you can know the machine are special design for seaming baffle big bag.

FIBC bag making machine.pngLoopSew65


big bag sewing machine.png  big bag sewing machine.png


big bag sewing machine.png  big bag sewing machine.png  

big bag sewing machine.png

It is single and double needle chain stitch machine,that means this machine do not have a hook, like 80800CH big bag seaming machine, chain stitch, and the standard set is double needle, and we fit a set of single needle parts kit, customer can interchange the BaffleSew from double needle into single needle.

big bag seaming machine.png80800CH

This BaffleSew big bag sewing machine model can sew upper and lower filler cord upper feed high speed and very big working space BaffleSew 53 big bag sewing machine means we have a working space of 530x104mm for chain stitch machine, it is really large working space.

big bag sewing machine.pngBaffleSew53

And BaffleSew 53 big bag sewing machine design a oil pump it will helping the machine could running with a speed of 2200rpm and heavy duty 4 layers fabric with 2 layers sling with upper and lower filler cord you know,KH-N9C(DS-9C)bag closing sewing machine and DN-2HS woven bag sewing machine speed is only 2700rpm because BaffleSew 53 big bag sewing machine have double needle, high speed, heavy duty sewing capacity, it is special machine not only for baffle seaming customer also use is for side seaming, instead of 80700 FIBC bag sewing machine if the bag side is not so heavy 80700 FIBC bag sewing machine speed only 1400rpm.


bag closing sewing machine.png  bag closing sewing machine.png


woven bag sewing machine.png   

woven bag sewing machine.png 


FIBC bag sewing machine.png  FIBC bag sewing machine.png

FIBC bag sewing machine.png

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