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Safety Rules

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Safety Rules

General operating instructions

Before putting the bag closing machine described in this manual into service, carefully read the instructions. The starting of each sack closing machine is only permitted after taking notice of the instructions and by qualified operators.

Important! Before putting the sack closing machine into service,also read the safety rules and instructions from the motor suppler.

Observe the national safety rules valid for your country.

PP woven bag/craft bag closing machine is only allowed to be used as foreseen. The foreseen use of the particular machine is described in paragraph type of machines of this instruction manual.Another use, going beyond the description, is not as foreseen.

All safety devices must be in position when the machine is ready for work or in operation. Operation of the machine without the appertaining safety devices is prohibited.

Wear safety glasses.

In case of machine conversions and changes all valid safety rules must be considered. Conversions and changes are made at your own risk.

When doing the following machine has to be disconnected from the power supply by turning off the main switch or by pulling out the main plug.

When threading needle(s),looper,spreader etc.

When replacing any parts such as needle(s), presser foot, throat plate, spreader, feed dog, needle guard, folder, fabric guide etc.

When leaving the workplace and when the work place is unattended.

When doing maintenance work.

When using clutch motors without actuation lock, wait until motor is stopped totally.

Maintenance, repair and conversion work must be done only by trained technicians or special skilled personnel under consideration of the instructions.

Only genuine spare parts approved by Keestar have to be used for repairs.

Any work on the electrical equipment must be done by an electrician or under direction and supervision of special skilled personnel.

Work on parts and equipment under electrical power is not permitted.

Before doing maintenance and repair work on the pneumatic equipment, the machine has to be disconnected from the compressed air supply. In case of existing residual air pressure after disconnecting from compressed air supply(e.g. pneumatic with air tank), the pressure has to be removed by bleeding. Exceptions are only allowed for adjusting work and function checks done by special skilled personnel.