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Small Packing Production Line

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Small Packing Production Line

This series device of dust-proof feeding, ingredient-mixing, airtight conveying, and measured package are designed for a variety of granule, powder, etc.


Materials proportion process is automatic, in case of artificial error please check system first and identify the correct materials only, make sure materials is in accordance with system set;

Using dust-proof feeding station to avoid materials overflow, through materials proportion process protects vacuum feeding machine, airtight mixer and automatic packing line from pollution;

This machine has CIP function and has feature of designed simple structure, convenient dismantling, we manufactured device all in accordance to national health GMP standard, it is easy to maintain and easy to clean;

Adopt to variety of anti-interference technology and precision weighing system which is accurate and relible, using control algorithms and high-performance processor with feature of precise, accuracy and large output, etc.

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