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MS Multiple Bag Sealing System

- Mar 28, 2018 -

MS Multiple bag sealing system

KEESTAR MS series multiple bag sealing system are special design for different complex bag sealing, they could finishing heat sealing, seaming sealing, crepe tape sealing, heat-seal tape sealing and inner film bag heat sealing process.


With KEESTAR bag closing machines, KEESTAR MS multiple bag sealing system could running at high speed of 7 - 10 m/min. Equipped with different auxiliary units, the system can process top trimming, bag open top folding, dust cleaning, labeling, code printing in one line automatic. KEESTAR MS bag sealing system is a prefect bag sealing technical solution for many different industries.


KEESTAR MS multiple bag sealing system could work with a automatic bagging line system to complete a high speed automatic complex bagging system.


To select a suitable model, please read below:



Model Explanation






Multiple Sealing


1: Front Sewing

Heater Pairs

C: Tape

2: Rear Sewing

D: Dust Cleaner

3: Middle Sewing

R: Right side bag open top folder

L: Left side bag open top folder


MS-KS multiple bag sealing system .png or