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Hand Held Bag Closer

Hand Held Bag Closer


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GK26-1A Hand Held Bag Closer



101 single thread


Up to 1250 rpm

Stitch Length

6.5 mm



Power Supply



Polyester 20/6


DN*1 #200


Thumb oiler

Thread Cutter



Hand held bag closer model GK26-1A is used for closing kraft paper, pp/PE, woven cloth, cotton, hessian,jute bag ,etc.

Single needle single thread chain stitch. Aluminium casting housing and light weight design. Built-in thumb oiler and chain cutter.

Anti-blocking oil tube fit with felt and spring 2.5m power supply cable according to IEC standard. It’s a suitable and reliable portable bag closer for fill bag closing.



Start Of Hand Held Bag Closer


Hand held bag closer machine before starting, make sure that the supply voltage accords with the specification of the motor.

Hold the hand held sack closer machine in your right hand and place your index finger on the switch button on the handle.

Hold the bag in your left lightly and insert the bag mouth between feed dog and Presser Foot.

Run the hand held bag closer machine while keeping the bag straight.

Never pull or pull back the bag.

After closing , the thread is cut by the built-in nibbler type cutter.

When cutting the thread, leave at least 3 cm long extended tail to prevent the unwilling loosening of the seam.

Run the hand held sack closer machine with empty bags and make sure you are well versed in its operation before entering into actual operation.

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