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Portable Bag Sewing Machine

Portable Bag Sewing Machine


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KP-N7A110V Portable Bag Sewing Machine

KP-N7A110V portable bag sewing machine is using top quality spare part to promise super quality and long service life. Thanks to the forced temperature cooling motor, potable bag closer could work continuously for long time without any problem for the motor temperature rising up.

Portable bag sewing machine could work with being hanged by Keestar GK-M26 pedestal to make much more efficient work. Portable sack sewing machine could also work as sewing part in automatic bag closing system with additional function of automatic start-stop and automatic thread cutting as a cost saving choice.


Stitch Length






Power Supply

Single phase 220V 50Hz

Single phase 110V 60Hz




Thumb Oiler


The KP-N7A portable bag sewing machine is a strong, portable machine for closing bags containing animal feeds, fertilizer, potatoes, grass seed, spices, chemicals, coal, pellets and coffee beans. The portable bag sewing machine KP-N7A can be used for closing paper bags of flour, PP woven bags of fertilizer, burlap bags of coffee beans and mesh bag for potatoes. The portable bag sewing machine makes a single thread chain stitch closure-which means you can open the bag easily by pulling the thread from the right side.

Portable Bag Sewing Machine's Advantages:

with air forced air cooling motor(radiator housing);

Higher speed(output);

very precision parts maching;

Delicate aluminium casting housing;

Perfect spraying;

Low vibration;

Low noise;

Preparation for Start:

portable bag sewing machine.png

Oiling is imperative to keep the portable bag sewing machine in good operating condition. Pour oil in the reservoir(capacity 45 cc). To begin the flow of oil to the portable bag sewing machine, push the button of the lubricator ten times continuously before starting the portable bag sewing machine. This should dispense enough oil for an average running of four hours under normal operating conditions. Do not run the portable bag sewing machine without oil as it could causes a portable bag sewing machine failure or break down.

portable bag sewing machine.png portable bag sewing machine.png portable bag sewing machine.png

Turn the pulley until needle bar reaches its highest position. Loosen needle bar clamping nut, and set needle in the bar as deep as it will go.

Be sure to set a needle with its concave part facing correctly towards the looper. Fix clamping nut tightly, otherwise needle may come loose during operation and break.

portable bag sewing machine.png

The portable bag sewing machine is delivery being threaded to show you proper threading of the portable bag sewing machine.

portable bag sewing machine.png portable bag sewing machine.png 

portable bag sewing machine.png portable bag sewing machine.png

Before starting, make sure that the supply voltage accords with the specification of the motor.

Hold the portable bag sewing machine in your right hand and place your index finger on the switch button on the handle.

Hold the bag in your left lightly and insert the bag mouth between feed dog and presser foot.

Run the portable bag sewing machine with enpty bags and make sure you are well versed in its operation before entering into actual operation.

Run the portable sewing machine while keeping the bag staight. Never pull or pull back the bag.

After closing, the thread is cut by the built-in nibbler type cutter.

When cutting the thread, leave at least 3 cm long extended tail to prevent the unwilling loosening of the seam.

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