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Sewing Machine for Geotextile

Sewing Machine for Geotextile


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DN-2 Sewing Machine For Geotextile


Sewing Capacity

8 mm

Standard Needle

DRx2 200#-250#





DN-2 are a series high speed automatic lubricating chain stitch sewing machine for geotextile . Sewing machine for geotextile are suitable for seaming and hemming of light to heavy weight fabric. Double needle machine can be used as a single needle machine by simply removing one needle or the other. The series can be used as a sewing unit of automatic bag sewing machine system


Safety Rules of Sewing Machine For Geotextile


1. All safety devices must be in position when the sewing machine for geotextile is ready for work or in operation. Operation of the sewing machine for geotextile without the appertaining safety devices is prohibited.

2. Wear safety glasses

3. In case of sewing machine for geotextile conversions and changes all valid safety rules must be considered. Conversions and changes are made at your own risk.

Any work on the electrician or under direction and supervison of special skilled personnel.

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