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Sewing Machine for Artificial Turf

Sewing Machine for Artificial Turf

MODEL: 80700CD

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80700CD Sewing Machine For Artificial Turf


Stitching Type

401.502 SSa-2

Needle Distance

7.2mm(18 ga)

Sewing Capacity

Up to 18 mm

Standard Needle


Stitch Range

6 to 12 mm

Standard Setting

10 mm


Up to 1400 rpm

Drive Motor

Servo motor 750W



Air Pressure

4 kg/cm^3

Air Consumption


Lubrication System

Manual oiling with sight feed oiler

Gross Weight

With motor and pedestal

133 kg

Net Weight

126 kg




Sewing machine for artificial turf equipped with top and bottom guides for polypropylene filler cord for sealing the needle punctures. Plan and alternating upper feed with built-in electro-pneumatic presser foot and upper feed dog lifter, pneumatic presser foot spring. An advanced and latest designed built-in electro-pneumatically operated hot thread chain cutter are equipped at the left side of needle.


The needle positioner are provided by servo motor drive unit with very comfortable operation.


80700CD sewing machine for artificial turf without built-in electro-pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter,pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed lifter,pneumatic presser foot spring. Sewing machine for artificial turf ’s design and pedestal installation makes it especially suitable for attaching filling and discharging tubes and inserting top covers of container bags and simultaneously attaching belt bands.

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