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Sewing Machine for Rope

Sewing Machine for Rope


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PLK-2008H Sewing Machine For Rope


Stitch Range

0 to 12.7 mm


Up to 800 rpm

Working Speed

200 to 700 rpm

Stepping Foot Lift

20 mm

Work Clamp Height

25 mm

Standard Needle

DY 3 230#

Rotating hook


Main Servo Motor


Lubrication System


Max.Pattern Area

120 50 mm

130 60 mm

200 160 mm

300 200 mm

500 200 mm

PLK-2008H sewing machine for rope is suitable for specialized for sewing extra heavy weight materials like heavy weight ropes, safety belts, slings,leather,canvas with specially desighed work clamp. Sewing capacity 15mm for sling and 20mm dia.rope. CAD designing pattern with special software available.

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