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Cold Cutting Machine for Woven Bag

Cold Cutting Machine for Woven Bag


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KBC-800C Cold Cutting Machine For Woven Bag


Max.Fabric Roll Dia

1200 mm

Horizontal Cutting

800-2300 mm

Crisscross Cutter Dia.

200-590 mm

Cutting Length

7000 mm

Out Put

10-20 pc /min

Cutting Accuracy

5 mm

Main Motor Power

1.1 Kw 2

Total Power

4.5 Kw

Cutting Type



6000 2700 2200 mm

Circinal Cutter Dia

200-590 mm

KBC-800C cold cutting machine for woven bag is specialized in woven bag fabric cutting to piece, cold knife is equipped to cut woven fabric without lamination.

80WBCP machine; Ultrasonic 60D machine; DN-2LW machine; DN-2UHS machine; 38WBSS-IB machine;

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