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Woven Bag Stitching Machine

Woven Bag Stitching Machine


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DN-2LW Woven Bag Stitching Machine


Stitch Range

7 to 11 mm


Up to 3000rpm

Sewing Capacity

8 mm

Standard Needle

DR 2 200#-250#

Lubrication System


DN-2LW woven bag stitching machine is left hand plain feeding double needle machine,woven bag stitching machine can be used as a single needle machine by simply removing one needle or the other.High speed automatic lubricating chain stitch woven bag stitching machine.woven bag stitching machine is suitable for sewing heavy weight fabric such as PP/PE woven cloth or jute bags.

Keestar offers a range of required woven bag stitching machine for manufacturing container bags and woven bags. The container bags and woven bags have a large number of different designs to meet the different requirements of filling materials and weights.Keestar provides systematic FIBC's and woven bags sewing solutions and relative equipments.

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